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Our announcements service aims to provide information that is useful to the constituency for mitigating the occurrence of information security incidents / malicious activity. Each “post” is categorised as either an alert, advisory or article as described below. We use a combination of automated information gathering, manual verification/supplementation and third party sources to obtain and generate this information.

ALERT: This is the most important type of announcement. It is used for information relating to current malicious activity (e.g. experienced by a constituent), new threats, attack vectors, adversaries, etc. particularly relevant to our constituency. Threat/incident description(s), mitigation/remediation advice and related information (e.g. links to external sites with more information) are usually included with the alert.

ADVISORY: This is usually related to a vulnerability or group of vulnerabilities. The general category will include “super” vulnerabilities (e.g. HEARTBLEED, SHELLSHOCK) as well as more specific advisories related to constituent systems. These are categorised and tagged/labelled accordingly.

ARTICLE: A news / blog type post… Something (hopefully) interesting and related to information security that isn’t an alert or advisory.

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