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  1. Defending your university against the top 3 cyber threats [UK National Cyber Security Centre]
    - see also: How to defend your university against top cyber security threats
  2. Super Micro says external security audit found no evidence of backdoor chips [ZDNet]
    - see also: Audit: No Chinese surveillance implants in Supermicro boards found
  3. Signal: We can’t include a backdoor in our app for the Australian government [ZDNet]
    - see also: What’s actually in Australia’s encryption laws? Everything you need to know
  4. Russian disinformation ops were bigger than we thought [cyberscoop]
  5. Amazon S3 Block Public Access – Another Layer of Protection for Your Accounts and Buckets [AWS]
  6. Researchers Created Fake ‘Master’ Fingerprints to Unlock Smartphones [MOTHERBOARD]
  7. Kubernetes’ first major security hole discovered [ZDNet]
    - Official announcement: The Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw: Innovation still needs IT security expertise
  8. Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2018 [CrowdStrike]
    - “Stories from the front lines of Incident Response in 2018 and insights that matter for 2019” – some interesting case studies and useful recommendations starting on page 10…
    - see also: Active Directory Kill Chain Attack & Defense (“This document was designed to be a useful, informational asset for those looking to understand the specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) attackers are leveraging to compromise active directory and guidance to mitigation, detection, and prevention. And understand Active Directory Kill Chain Attack and Modern Post Exploitation Adversary Tradecraft Activity.”)
  9. Adventures in Video Conferencing Part 5: Where Do We Go from Here? [Project Zero]
  10. Humble Book Bundle: Hacking for the Holidays by No Starch Press
    - “Get Serious Cryptography: A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption, Black Hat Python, Android Security Internals, and more” from as little as $1