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  1. Attempted cyberattack results in network shutdown at St. Francis Xavier University [Global News]
    - see also: Cryptocoin mining forces St. F.X. to disable IT system
    - and: University shuts down network to thwart Bitcoin cryptojacking scheme
  2. Hacking forces MSU to stop SRC polls [Newsday]
  3. Where Does Your Institution Store—and How Does It Secure—Student Data? [EDUCAUSE]
    - “Show your campus registrars and enrollment managers why cybersecurity matters and how they can work together with IT and information security staff to protect student data.”
    - see also: Privacy at St. Thomas University: What’s public, what’s secret?
  4. Embedding Security in the Academy [EDUCAUSE]
    - “What would “security as a strategic business function” look like in a higher education information security program, and how can we get there?”
  5. Hacking for Defense Class Sets Students on Solutions for National Security Problems [DukeTODAY]
    - see also: Fairmont State University, WV, promotes cybersecurity through ‘Iron Falcon’ space program
    - and: Inside CSAW, a Massive Student-Led Cybersecurity Competition
  6. Encryption flaws in solid state drives enable unauthorized data access [SC Magazine]
    - Detail/research: www.ru.nl/english/news-agenda/news/vm/icis/cyber-security/2018/radboud-university-researchers-discover-security/
    - Microsoft advisory: ADV180028 | Guidance for configuring BitLocker to enforce software encryption
  7. Apache alerts developers of remote code execution flaw [cyberscoop]
  8. Apple Modernizes Its Hardware Security with T2 [threatpost]
  9. 1 Thing You Can Do To Make Your Internet Safer And Faster [cloudflare]
  10. GPUs are vulnerable to side-channel attacks [NetworkWorld from IDG]
  11. Why cryptojacking malware is a bigger threat to your PC than you realise [ZDNet]
  12. We don’ need no stinkin’ bounties: VirtualBox guest-to-host escape zero-day lands at GitHub [The Register]
  13. Internet Vulnerability Takes Down Google [ThousandEyes]
  14. How 1Password Works – Getting under the hood [David Schuetz]
  15. The Spy Drone In Your Cloud [Check Point]