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  1. If your standard organisational image isn’t Windows 10 – here’s another good reason why it should be ;)
    - Windows 10 tip: Turn on the new anti-ransomware features in the Fall Creators Update
    - Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. Ta
  2. 59% of Employees Hit by Ransomware at Work Paid Ransom Out of Their Own Pockets!
    - Note: “31% of respondents also admitted to not knowing about ransomware before participating in cyber threat training sessions” – now is the time to educate
    - Includes a guide to ransomware protection
  3. D-Link MEA Site Caught Running Cryptocurrency Mining Script—Or Was It Hacked?
    - Use browser plugins like NoScript and RequestPolicy to add an extra layer of end user protection
  4. Hacking Cryptocurrency Miners with OSINT Techniques
    - What is lurking on your infrastructure?
  5. Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation – Free MOOC by University of Groningen (starts 13 November)!
  6. Securing SSH on Cisco IOS
  7. How I Socially Engineer Myself Into High Security Facilities
  8. Project Loon Bringing Emergency Internet to Puerto Rico
    (while not directly infosec related – this is cool! :))
    - Turning on Project Loon in Puerto Rico