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  1. Massive Email Campaign Sends Locky Ransomware to Over 23 Million Users
    - New variants of Locky – A reminder that ransomware mitigation needs to be high up on our risk/threat priorities
    - See also: csirt.sanren.ac.za/posts/160302-rm-locky.html
  2. POPI and GDPR worthwhile reads from IT News Africa:
    1. PoPI will enable better information management
    2. SA’s POPI Act has a bigger, foreign brother you must meet
    3. South Africa Prepares For The Big Data Protection Shake Up
  3. Event: 5th CyberCon Africa – 16-17 Oct 2017, Joburg – “Africa Under Attack!”
    - How prepared are we? Real-life scenarios and simulations to test and improve our readiness to large scale cyber attacks structured according to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
    - “This is the definitive event for all cyber security industry professionals, which will leave delegates equipped to prepare for cyber attacks. The theme for this year is Africa Under Attack. The focus is to unite all industry sectors as well as skills and resources in order to protect Africa’s Critical Infrastructure from a large scale cyber attack. This year we are utilising a more hands on, interactive approach, with real life scenarios and simulations being played out.”
  4. Oops! WikiLeaks Website Defaced By OurMine
    - Important takeaway: “There is no indication of WikiLeaks servers and website been compromised, instead it seems their website has been redirected to a hacker-controlled server using DNS poisoning attack.”
    - See also: Global Measurement of DNS Manipulation (research paper)
  5. How to prepare for and what to do if your laptop is stolen
    - A reminder of good practices such as: using full drive encryption, regular and secure backups, resetting all passwords (if stolen) and less obvious ones like turning it off while stored/travelling
    www.htxt.co.za/2017/08/14/when-thieves-strike-tips-and-tricks-on-what-can-be-done-if-your-laptop-is-ever-stolen/ (hope you’re using an ad blocker :#)
    - See also NIST revised password recommendations @: csirt.sanren.ac.za/posts/news-for-week-33-17.html (top post)