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  1. Information Security and Privacy Perspectives on the EDUCAUSE 2020 Top 10 IT Issues [Brian Kelly et al, EDUCAUSE]
    - see also: EDUCAUSE COVID-19 QuickPoll Results: Information Security During the Pandemic
  2. Netwalker ransomware continues assault on US colleges, hits UCSF [Lawrence Abrams, Bleeping Computer]
  3. Threat Spotlight: Tycoon Ransomware Targets Education and Software Sectors [BlackBerry & KPMG]
  4. REvil ransomware gang launches auction site to sell stolen data [Catalin Cimpanu, Zero Day]
    - see also: REvil ransomware gang publishes ‘Elexon staff’s passports’ after UK electrical middleman shrugs off attack
  5. CISA releases new Cyber Essentials Toolkit [CISA]
  6. The ransomware that attacks you from inside a virtual machine [Mark Stockley, Naked Security / Sophos]
  7. Securing SSH: What To Do and What Not To Do [Ed Williams, Trustwave]
  8. Why is This Website Port Scanning me? [Charlie Belmer, Null Sweep]
  9. Cisco warns: These Nexus switches have been hit by a serious security flaw [Liam Tung, Zero Day]
  10. Evolution of Excel 4.0 Macro Weaponization [James Haughom and Stefano Ortolani, Lastline]
  11. The mystery of the expiring Sectigo web certificate [Paul Ducklin, Naked Security / Sophos]
  12. G Suite Marketplace primed for a privacy scandal, researchers warn [Catalin Cimpanu, Zero Day]
  13. What is pretexting? Definition, examples and prevention [Josh Fruhlinger, CSO / IDG Communications]
  14. Risk Assessment & the Human Condition [Joshua Goldfarb, Dark Reading]