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  1. Ruhr University Bochum shuts down servers after ransomware attack [Sergiu Gatlan, Bleeping Computer]
  2. Pandemic Could Accelerate Passwordless Authentication [Steve Zurier, Dark Reading / Informa]
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  3. Apple, Google push makers of coronavirus apps not to record user location [David Ingram, NBC News]
  4. Zoom acquires Keybase to beef up encryption, ease security questions [Jeff Stone, Cyberscoop / Scoop News Group]
  5. Cyber Subterfuge and Curious Sharks Threaten the World’s Subsea Fiber-Optic Cables [Alison Diana, Dark Reading / Informa]
  6. Maze Ransomware and its Various Campaigns Continue to Threaten the Cyber World – E Hacking News [Rootdaemon]
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  7. Microsoft and Intel project converts malware into images before analyzing it [Catalin Cimpanu, Zero Day]
  8. GitHub Code Scanning aims to prevent vulnerabilities in open source software [Zeljka Zorz, Help Net Security]
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  12. For 8 years, a hacker operated a massive IoT botnet just to download Anime videos [Catalin Cimpanu, Zero Day]