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  1. 17 New US School Districts and Colleges Compromised by Ransomware, a Total of 94 in the Past 15 Months [Armor]
    - see also: Backup or Disaster Recovery for Protection Against Ransomware?
  2. COVID-19 Exploited by Malicious Cyber Actors [CISA / US DHS]
    - see also: CERT-GIB: Phishers prefer Tesla, top 3 malware strains in COVID-19 phishing campaigns, and pandemic-related dilemmas faced by hacker underground
  3. ZOMG it’s ZOOM [Mick Douglas, SANS Webcasts]
    - see also: The Facts Around Zoom and Encryption for Meetings/Webinars
    - and: Zoom removes meeting IDs from app title bar to improve privacy
  4. New Phishing Campaign Spoofs WebEx to Target Remote Workers [Ashley Tran, Cofense]
  5. Mass school closures in the wake of the coronavirus are driving a new wave of student surveillance [Drew Harwell, The Washington Post]
  6. NASA sees an “exponential” jump in malware attacks as personnel work from home [Dan Goodin, Ars Technica / Condé Nast]
  7. Introducing New SANS 3MinMax Series with Certified Instructor Kevin Ripa [Kevin Ripa, SANS]
  8. Introducing our new book “Building Secure and Reliable Systems” [Royal Hansen, Google]
    - get it here: landing.google.com/sre/books/
  9. A client-side perspective on web security [Edward Amoroso (TAG Cyber) and Aanand Krishnan (Tala Security), Help Net Security]
  10. Microsoft and Google postpone insecure authentication removal [Sergiu Gatlan, Bleeping Computer]
  11. Debunking Myths about Quantum Cryptography [John Prisco, Quantum Xchange / Infosecurity Magazine]
  12. Travelex Reportedly Paid $2.3 Million Ransom to Restore Operations [Lawrence Abrams, Bleeping Computer]