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  1. Don’t Use Hard-coded Keys
    - “DUHK is a vulnerability that affects devices using the ANSI X9.31 Random Number Generator (RNG) in conjunction with a hard-coded seed key…DUHK allows attackers to recover secret encryption keys from vulnerable implementations and decrypt and read communications passing over VPN connections or encrypted web sessions.”
    - If you are using any of the following, ensure you’re on the latest firmware to mitigate:
  • Fortinet FortiOS v4 (v5 is not vulnerable)
  • Cisco Aironet
  • BeCrypt Cryptographic Library
  • DeltaCrypt FIPS Module
  • MRV LX-4000T/LX-8020S
  • Neoscale CryptoStor
  • Neopost Security Devices
  • Renesas AE57C1
  • TechGuard PoliWall-CCF
  • Tendyron OnKey193
  • ViaSat FlagStone Core
  • Vocera Cryptographic Module